Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas for all

Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas

A Yoga asana is a frame posture, initially and nonetheless a well-known time period for a sitting meditation pose, and later prolonged in hatha yoga and cutting-edge yoga as exercise, to any form of function, including reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses of yoga asanas.

The Basic 3 useful Yoga asanas Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali define “asana”. it’s also known as a function this is regular and comfortable. Maharshi Patanjali mentions the cap’s potential to take a seat down for prolonged durations as one of the 8 limbs of his system. Asanas also are known as yoga poses or yoga asanas postures in English.

Here in this post, we are giving proper knowledge regarding Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas for all people. These Yoga Asanas are very easy to perform at home.

All basic useful Yoga Asanas for all

Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas had been claimed to offer each religious and bodily advantage in medieval hatha yoga texts. More recently, research has supplied proof that they enhance flexibility, strength, and balance; lessen pressure and situations associated with it, and especially relieve a few illnesses which include bronchial allergies and diabetes diseases.

What is Ashtanga Yoga in Yoga Asanas?

Basic 12 useful Yoga Asanas

The phrase Ashtanga phrase is crafted from the Sanskrit words, “Ashta” and “Anga.” The means of “Ashta” is returned to the range eight, while “Anga” approaches limb or body part. Therefore, Ashtanga is the union of the eight limbs of yoga, into one complete, holistic system. These eight limbs of yoga represent the several branches of the philosophy of the yoga sutras that form the foundation within the Ashtanga Yoga School.

Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas:- 

1. Aakarna Dhanuraasana ( આકર્ણ ધનુરાસન ) :- 

Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas

There is an asana to do while sitting. The shape of the body in this asana is similar to the shape of a bow, so it is called Akarnadhanurasana.

Original condition:-

(1) Straighten both legs.
(2) The knees bend to the ground.
(3) Heel and toe of both feet attached.
(4) Hands straight from elbows to the side of both feet.
(5) Palm above the ground.
(6) Fingers intertwined.
(7) The body above the waist is straight and relaxed.

Method to perform Akarnadhanurasana:-

(1) Hold the index finger (first finger) of both hands and the toes of both feet.
(2) Pull the same leg with either hand. Pull until the toe reaches the opposite ear
(3) This is another method of doing asanas. Hold both legs straight and with both hands clasped. Then pull the lower hand to the opposite ear.
(4) Stay in the predicament for a minute. Then return to the original position in reverse order.
(5) In the same way hold the asana for the same amount on the other side.

Things to keep in mind:-

(1) Slowly move the hand-held leg to the ear, not in a hurry.
(2) The abdomen will be compressed and slightly bent.


  1. This is a good posture to cure back and lumbar pain.
  2. It increases the elasticity of the joints and shoulders.
  3. It is also very useful in arthritis and rheumatic conditions.
  4. The muscles of the waist and buttocks are exercised.
  5. Minor deformities of the hip joints are adjusted.
  6. It is beneficial for the reproductive system.
  7. The muscles of the whole body get a good stretch from this asana.
  8. Body flexibility is the year.
  9. Useful in relieving body fatigue.

2. Lolasana ( લોલાસન ):- 

Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas

This is to be done while sitting. The body can sway like the pendulum of a clock when it comes to the full position of this asana. Hence it is called ‘Lolasan’. This asana is also called raised Padmasana as it is to lift the body with the help of hands.

Original condition:-

(1) Sit with both legs straight first.
(2) Place the hand on the side of the saddle.
(3) Slightly straighten the spine.

Method to perform Lolasana:-

  1. Sit in Padmasana first. Keep both hands on the outside of the seat.
  2. Arrange the palm on the ground and in the direction facing the fingers.
  3. In normal breathing, stretch the body as much as possible with the force of both hands.
  4. Stay in this position for a while.
  5. Slowly bring the body back down and return to the original position.

Things to keep in mind:-

Keep the neck and eyes straight in the full position of the asana.


  1. The limbs, chest, etc. are fully developed.
  2. The muscles of the arms are strengthened.
  3. Laziness and negligence are removed.
  4. The organs of the respiratory system are confirmed and become functional.
  5. Helpful in strengthening the wrists, upper back, arms, and shoulders.
  6. Strengthens and massages the abdominal muscles thus improving digestion.
  7. Helpful in giving relief to respiratory problems as it exercises and opens up the chest.
  8. Improves concentration.
  9. Very beneficial in learning to control and balance one’s body.
  10. Tones the body and is helpful in removing excess belly fat.

3. Naukasana ( નૌકાસન ):- 

Basic 3 useful Yoga Asanas

This asana is to be done while sleeping. In this asana the body is shaped like a boat, hence it is called Naukasan.

Original condition:-

(1) Lean on the seat.
(2) Keep hands sideways.
(3) Keep the legs together.
(4) Leave the body relaxed.

Method to perform Naukasana:-

  1. Raise both legs. Raise the angle of the foot with the ground to 45. Keep both legs together. Be careful that the feet do not bend at the knees.
  2. Similarly lift the upper part of the body i.e. back, head and arms. This part is also made about 45 feet high like a foot. Keep both hands in the direction of the feet. Keep your eyes on the toes.
  3. The whole body will be weighed at the base of the buttocks.
  4. This is the completion of the navigation.
  5. After staying in this position for a while, return to the original position in reverse order.

Things to keep in mind:-

  1. Do not jerk when lifting over body parts.
  2. Care should be taken not to shake the body while holding this asana.
  3. Initially do the asana for a few seconds. The study can be extended to a maximum of two minutes.
  4. The arms, legs, back, and head can also be raised simultaneously as the study matures.


  1. Keeps abdominal muscles and organs healthy.
  2. Increases body balance.
  3. Reduces belly and buttock fat.
  4. Gives strength and stability to the body.
  5. Keeps the spine healthy and efficient.

Basic 3 useful Yoga asanas:-

ગુજરાતીમાં જાણકારી 

Note:- The above basic 3 Yoga asanas are easy to perform at home. But One should take proper knowledge and perform regularly for better health.



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