Latest 5 Useful Amazing WhatsApp Tricks Part-2

Latest 5 Useful Amazing WhatsApp Tricks Part-2

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Here are some latest useful Amazing WhatsApp tricks that you don’t use in your routine and will amaze your friends if you use these tricks. Some WhatsApp Tricks are very secret WhatsApp tricks.

So, let’s start.

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Trick-6 Pin a Chat to the Top

There is one trick by which you can now pin your favorite conversation on top.

Many WhatsApp users are not aware of this feature. This trick  will allow you to not change its position even if you send or receive new WhatsApp Messages.

In case you decide to Pin another Chat, the Newly pinned Chat will be added to the top, which means that the existing pinned chat will be pushed down.

Here is the method by which you can achieve this.

  • On iOS, simply swipe left to right then tap Pin Chat.
  • On Android, long press on the chat display then tap the pin at the top of the screen.


Trick-7  Customize WhatsApp wallpaper Background

Now you are free to change a wallpaper of your WhatsApp chat window. You can change your WhatsApp background to a favorite photo or fun wallpaper. Best of all, you can choose a photo from your phone’s photo gallery so it looks even more personal than usual.

Here is method to do so.

Head to Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper Library, and you can choose from a variety of different backgrounds or a change of color.

Trick-8 Find Who You Chat to Most

Ever wondered who you chat to the most on a daily basis through WhatsApp? This free WhatsApp trick makes it easy to find out.

Simply go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage and select a contact to see how you converse with them.

Statistics are narrowed down to messages, photos, GIFs, videos, voice messages, and documents.

Trick-9  Send Photos And Videos without Quality Loss

First of all open WhatsApp in your mobile phone and click on paperclip icon
To send the picture by doing, select the option with the document.
Now all the documents available in your smartphones will be shown. then Browse
Click on other documents.
Now by finding the picture you want to send in your smartphone.
Select it, then click on Ok.
Now after clicking on Ok send any of your photo & picture as a document
will go. And its size or quality will also not be much less.

Trick-10 Stylish & Colorful Texts

Android devices can use this bonus tip which lets is them change the text color and style. Well, WhatsApp doesn’t officially offer this functionality and you need to download a third-party app called BlueWords for this.

Download BlueWords

Download the app on your phone and open it. Now, select the text that you want to use and then enter the text whose color you want to change in the given box that says Write here

After that, tap the Blue color copy icon to copy it. Now go back to WhatsApp and paste there the text that you copied from the app.

You can also achieve it without installing any app.Some websites also offers stylish Fonts.You just have to write down text on that site and select style of font and you are done.Just Copy that text and paste it into your whatsapp chat.To find such websites you just have to google “stylish fonts”

Here is one website to do so – Click here

There are lot of such websites by using you can do same thing.

  To Download In Gujarati – Click Here

We hope You have Liked These WhatsApp Tricks. We will update more tips and WhatsApp Tricks in Our Next series.


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